The Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS) was born out of a need for students to have their voice heard on our campus. Particularly when that voice represents around 6000 creative students from varying disciplines and experiences, the urgency of bringing them all together becomes apparent. Alone, our members are phenomenal. Each of us fought to earn a place at the top program in their field in Canada. Through perseverance and hard work, we not only stay here, but thrive here.

The real magic, however, is when you unify each of those stories into one. There are not many places that bring together emerging fashion designers with emerging journalists, or future leaders in film and photography with the future leaders in public relations and publicity. The RCDS is one of them.
As a society, we prioritize the needs and success of our students because we know it is not an easy path harnessing raw, often unappreciated creative strengths and turning them into careers. It takes support, mentorship, collaboration, and constant innovation, all of which we fight endlessly to provide.