Funding Requests

First: Are You Eligible?

If you are a full-time, FCAD undergraduate student applying for:

    • Student group or union events
    • Conferences, as an attendee or to host
    • Film productions
    • Exhibition installations
    • Events or projects that fit into the RCDS pillars
      • Academic
      • Professional
      • Collaborative

we'd love to fund your project!

The RCDS is unable to fund:

    • Salaries or honorariums
    • Alcohol
    • Anything that will receive academic credit

Check the rubric our board follows to make sure your project has the best chance at receiving funding.

The RCDS is unable to fully fund any project as the sole funding source. Please look into other funding sources before sending in an application.

Still not sure? Reach out to us!
We’re happy to chat @ or


Second: Send in an application

It's a simple process:

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. Follow the template to make a budget (check the tabs at the bottom for an example budget)
  3. Upload everything to the Funding Request Online Form
  4. Wait! You’ll hear back within one week from a funding coordinator. 

***PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THE GOOGLE DOCUMENTS AND SAVE TO YOUR OWN DRIVE TO FILL OUT! Do not request edit permission or your poor VP Finance will be drowned with requests.

Third: Funding Consult

One of our funding coordinators will setup a meeting to discuss the project and offer you advice on your budget and application. We recommend bringing a working presentation to this meeting in order set you up for success. This is just to make sure you're ready to present to the board. 

Fourth: Revise

Once you’ve met, take any notes that your funding coordinator may suggest and work to improve your application and budget. Take your time and make sure you include as much detail as possible. You can never tell us too much about your project!

Fifth: The Pitch

Now you’ll pitch to the board (If asking for more than $7,999.99) or to SPFC (If asking for $7,999.99 and under). Your presentation will be 5 minutes long with 10 minutes of questions from the funding group immediately after.

Sixth: You're Funded!

After your pitch, the board will discuss the project, and you’ll hear from the RCDS within two weeks. Sometimes a project gets tabled as we have more questions or need clarification. In the event that this happens, the funding team will reach out to you.

Seventh: How to get your money

The RCDS works via reimbursement. Once you've made your purchases, collect all the receipts and submit a cheque requisition. In the event of a large purchase to a vendor or publisher, we are able to write a cheque directly to the company, but please let us know of this possibility upon application.


Looking for your student group or course union chit? Reach out to and we'll get that process rolling!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to or your financial coordinator!