How Funding Works

First: The Basics

Applying for funding from the RCDS is super simple. You’ll need to fill out the budget and the application forms. Those are available under templates and you can submit those documents via email.

Second: Funding Consult

Once you’ve done that, a funding advisor will be in touch within 5 business days (Monday - Friday) to setup a meeting to discuss the project and offer you advice on your budget and application. We recommend bringing a working presentation to this meeting in order set you up for success.

Third: Revise

Once you’ve met, take any notes that your funding advisor may suggest and work to improve your application and budget. Take your time and make sure you include as much detail as possible. You can never tell us too much about your project!

Fourth: The Pitch

Now you’ll pitch to the board (If asking for more than $7,999.99) or to SPFC (If asking for $7,999.99 and under). Your presentation will be 5 minutes long with 10 minutes of questions from the funding group immediately after.

Fifth: You're Funded

After your pitch, the board will discuss the project, and you’ll hear from the RCDS within 7-10 business days. Sometimes a project gets tabled as we have more questions or need clarification, in the event that this happens the funding team will reach out.

Sixth: How to get your money

The RCDS works via reimbursement. Once you've made your purchases, collect all the receipts and submit a cheque requisition (see the quick links on the side). In the event of a large purchase to a vendor or publisher, we are able to write a cheque directly to the company.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to or your financial advisor!